Benefits for Service Providers

Customer expand your customer base Accrediting your product with the Digital Business Council shows the market that, when it comes to digital eCommerce, you are committed to the open, secure and standard exchange of transactions. Your relationship with the Digital Business Council will help extend your reach into the market.
Digitise enable your customers to digitise The digitisation of eCommerce is here. The challenge is interoperability. If you incorporate the Digital Business Council’s standards into your product you will be helping your customers move to the next level of ebusiness.
Retention increase customer retention Adopting an open standards approach will allow you to more easily to integrate additional functionality into your product. This will enhance your ability to lock-in your customers and to grow your business.
Flexible create a flexible platform A flexible platform is an essential part of managing uncertainty in the market. The Digital Business Council standards will enhance the flexibility of your product because it will optimise your ability to reuse rather than rebuild.
Opensolutions innovate with open solutions An open standard enables a large number of providers to build to them offering you increased opportunities to integrate additional functionality into your product. You can innovate through incorporating external developed functionality into your product.
Technicaldevelopment reduce technical development burden Proprietary standards are expensive to maintain and to build to. Expertise can be hard to find and expensive when you do find it. Working with the Digital Business Council means that you can influence its future strategies and plans.