The Interoperability Framework

What is the Interoperability Framework

The Interoperability Framework is a set of policies, standards and guidelines to enable any two parties to communicate irrespective of the system or standard that each uses.

The standards are existing, internationally and locally accepted standards. Some are used in the Superstream program, which has delivered significant benefit to the economy. No new standard has been created.

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Why is it needed

  • Large buyers have seen the benefit of eInvoicing and created their own trading communities, with standards suiting their own needs, which makes it difficult for businesses who wish to trade with multiple communities.
  • Some software vendors and service providers only facilitate eInvoicing within their own communities.
  • Software vendors want certainty on what standards would provide the greatest benefit before making further technology investments.

A whole of economy approach

  • Standardising interconnections bridges communities and provides certainty.
  • Every business has an access point into the ecosystem (internal, vendor provided or outsourced).
  • Open business discovery – discover the digital capabilities of your trading partner.
  • Well-established and an internationally accepted solution.
  • Designed for scalability.

How does the Interoperability Framework work?

The framework implies a 4-corner model where every business and its trading partner communicate via a connector or access point. Access points are built into business software systems or outsourced to a third party.

The 4-corner model works in the:

  • European procurement (OpenPEPPOL, where trading partners can exchange invoices)
  • Telecommunications (2 phone users can be on 2 different networks and can still talk to one another, without one person paying the other person’s service provider).
  • Banking or payment systems (the payment transaction between a payer and payee is facilitated by their own financial institutions).

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