Service Provider Accreditation

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process by which an Access Point Provider or a Digital Capability Publisher Service Provider is recognised by the Digital Business Council (Council) as having met certain technical criteria. It should be noted that accreditation is mandatory for a Service Provider (Access Point or Digital Capability Publisher) if it intends to provide services under the Council’s Framework.

How does a Service Provider become accredited?

The Australian Taxation Office is developing an Operational Framework which will serve as the initial accreditation entry point for access to the Digital Capability Locator. Consultation with industry is currently underway for this process. If you would like further information please email

Why should I become accredited?

As an accredited Service Provider you can offer services to your clients that work within the Council’s Interoperability Framework. When you are accredited for eInvoicing your clients can take advantage of an open platform that will help:

  • Increase their trading partner networks through the ability to exchange invoices with a larger number of businesses;
  • Improve data quality through the reduction of retyping and the removal of the need to PDF invoices;
  • Reduce the costs associated with processing invoices in particular through fewer errors; and
  • Enable further open eCommerce services to be developed by Council.

For more information on the accreditation process please email