The Digital Capability Publisher (DCP)

The Digital Capability Locator and Digital Capability Publisher enable an Access Point to determine the destination of a message in a dynamic environment. The Digital Capability Publisher provides an Access Point with the answer to the following question:

“What are the digital capabilities of business XYZ, what techncal features are supported and who do I contact if I have issues?”

The DCP maintains a list of businesses IT services, with a list of services for each business. Each service lists supported business processes, document format identifiers and transport protocols.

The Council’s Digital Capability Publisher specification is based on the OASIS Service Metadata Publishing (SMP) Version 1.0 Committee Specification 03.

Implementation Guide Version Status API Definition Issues List
PDF or HTML (Coming Soon) 1.0 Draft Coming Soon DCP 1.0 Issues

Contribute to the Specification

This specification is managed and maintained by the Digital Business Council’s Technical Working Group. Use the links below to view our latest work, provide feedback or to raise an issue for consideration by the working group.

Accredited Implementations

Provider Implementation URL Accreditation Date Service Standard

Open Source Implementations

Known open source implementations (accredited or otherwise) are listed here.

Provider Implementation URL Comments
PEPPOL dcl testpoint Free test service and open source implementation.