The Digital Capability Locator (DCL)

The Digital Capability Locator and Digital Capability Publisher enable an Access Point to determine the destination of a message in a dynamic environment. The Digital Capability Locator provides an Access Point with the answer to the following question:

“Where can I find information about the digital capabilities of business XYZ ?”

The Digital Capability Locator is a mapping of participant identifiers to the digital address of the participant’s Digital Capability Publisher. Australia’s business identifier landscape is complex with many business regularly using multiple, different identifiers in various business contexts. The DCL has been designed to flexibly support any new business identifier or a future consolidation of identifiers. The initial implementation of the DCL will support three commonly used business identifiers:

  • Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • Global Location Number (GLN); and
  • Dun & Bradstreet Numbering System (DUNS).

The Digital Capability Locator’s lookup service is based on the OASIS Business Document Metadata Service Location Committee Specification Version 01, which provides a standardised approach to retrieval of a participant’s digital capability address. The specification has been based on the successful implementation within the European Union’s PEPPOL and eSENS initiatives.

The following specification documents provide further detail on the following topics:

  • The high-level business requirements;
  • The quality of service requirements;
  • The logical solution architecture;
  • The API definitions and associated implementation guide; and
  • Test assertions to support Service Providers to develop test cases to achieve accreditation.
Specification URL Version Status
PDF (Implementation Guide Proposed Only) 2.0.2 Draft

Contribute to the Specification

This specification is managed and maintained by the Digital Business Council’s Technical Working Group. Use the links below to view our latest work, provide feedback or to raise an issue for consideration by the working group.

Known Implementations

Since there is usually only one DCL for a given domain or national economy, the Digital Business Council is working closely with the ATO to determine the feasiblity of the ATO providing the DCL functions.

Whilst a permanent operator for the DCL is determined, a number of testing DCL solutions have been established to prove key design concepts and support early testing. The following known implementations (open source or otherwise) are listed here.

Provider Implementation URL Comments
Digital Business Council DCL – Alpha This is the Alpha version of the DCL that has been jointly implemented by the ATO and ABSIA, on behalf of the Digital Business Council. dcl testpoint Free test service and open source implementation
eSens   Partial implementation of BDXL compontents