Accreditation Deed Polls Consultation

Sun, 19 Mar 2020

Attention: Service Providers

The accredited Service Provider (Access Point Service Providers and Digital Capability Publisher Service Providers) agreements are now drafted in the form of deed polls declared to the Digital Business Council, which enables agreement to the Accreditation Logo Use Rules and requires only unilateral signing by Service Providers. The Governance Working Group recently considered legal advice in this regard and agreed that deed poll is the best available option; they are now seeking feedback on the draft documents prior to finally recommending them to Council.

There is significant consistency between the two documents and we have also provided a third attachment with a short analysis of which clauses are different that may assist efficiency of processing. You will note that the test assertions are not included in the deed polls as these are currently under further review.

Due to the nature of a deed poll as a unilateral agreement, the declarations cannot be negotiated or altered as would a contractual agreement. As such, it is recommended that Service Providers consider the deed polls carefully and provide feedback to the Secretariat by close of business Friday 31 March 2017. If you intend on providing feedback but will not be able to meet this deadline, please advise the Secretariat prior to the deadline in order to have your feedback considered.

   + Access Point Provider Deed Poll;

   + Digital Capability Publisher Provider Deed Poll;

   + Digital Capability Publisher Differing Clauses