About Us

The Digital Business Council was established in November 2015 to support and facilitate the open exchange of digital transactions in Australia. Council is chaired by Peter Strong, CEO COSBOA and has 15 members, bringing together key participants from the private and public sectors to focus on the development of digital business standards for Australian businesses, including:

  • recommending the adoption of an interoperability framework of standards for the Australian economy; and
  • providing a forum to exchange experiences and best practices, paving the way to broad-scale adoption of digital standards in Australia for domestic and international business.

You can find out more about the Council’s members here and the conditions of participation for Working Group members can be found here .

Council reaches its decisions through an open, transparent, representative and consensus governance structure. This structure consists of five working groups, which perform complementary roles supporting the creation, design, control and adoption of eInvoicing in Australia.

Digital Business Council and Working Group Structure

The structure is designed to support and drive the implementation of eInvoicing across the Australian business community, with the first step being the adoption of the standards by software providers and service providers and proofs of concept by early adopters in business.

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