Moving towards a digital Australia

Thu, 01 Dec 2020

A recent report by Deloitte Access Economics found that businesses who had embraced the digital opportunity are 1.5 times more likely to be growing revenue, 8 times more likely to be creating jobs and 7 times more likely to be exporting than their less digitally capable peers.

Digitisation is an opportunity for businesses of all sizes; accountants, bookkeepers and other advisers to business have an important, perhaps even critical, role to play in helping small business to become more efficient. Greater efficiency means more time to spend on things that matter to a small business, more time to grow the business, more time to spend with family, more time to do the things they want to do.

Nearly all business advisers know this yet they struggle with clients who are intimidated by technology, who don’t want to change or who don’t want to trust a system. Systems are not bookkeepers and they’re not accountants. No amount of digitisation can provide advice on the best way to keep accounts. But digitisation can improve the quality of data, reduce the number of errors and open up opportunities for growth.

The Digital Business Council (Council) has embarked upon a program of work to help Australia move to the digital world in a way that is painless and based on open standards. This means that, while it is vital for the businesses that advisers assist to digitise, they do not need to worry about what software their clients use.

As one small business owner said recently ‘if we could do this, it would be Mecca. We have to do this.’

The Council is paving the way to a world of accurate, timely and up-to-date data, to a world where systems can interconnect in a safe, reliable and secure manner … to a world where digitised businesses are the order of the day.

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