This blog is Part 2 in a 2-Part Series.

Exchange Summit: eInvoicing and Beyond Barcelona, 2016 Overview from Michael Ross of MessageXchange

Tue, 15 Nov 2020

More than 200 professionals recently attended the 12th Exchange Summit in Barcelona. Held over two days, 10-11 October, the Summit focussed predominantly on eInvoicing, however also looked at associated topics such as Blockchain, Procure to Pay and Supply Chain Finance, amongst others.

Michael Ross, Executive Director of MessageXchange, represented the Digital Business Council at the Summit and presented on how Australia moved quickly from establishment of the Council in December 2015 to ratification of the eInvoicing Interoperability Framework in July 2016, then on to an early adopters program. We spoke with Michael Ross prior to the Summit here.

Below, Michael Ross reflects on how the Summit went:

  1. How was the conference? MR: Very interesting. Some countries – particularly from Latin America – have made very fast progress towards full eInvoicing uptake and are now gaining significant advantage.

  2. What was the feedback like for Australia’s position? MR: Delegates from some of the European standards bodies were very impressed with the speed with which we had reached agreement on Digital Business Council’s eInvoicing Framework. They were also impressed with the clear engagement with business as well as government as a model for driving adoption. Others were keen to establish interconnections with Australian service providers supporting the standards.

  3. What was the feedback like for the Digital Business Council? MR: To keep pushing hard to get Government to adopt the Framework for their own eInvoice processing. And to keep extending the standards to support all the messaging requirements in global supply chain.

  4. What are some key learnings that the Digital Business Council could adopt from other countries? MR: Government use of eInvoicing standards is essential for successful adoption for all of industry.

  5. How many people attended the conference? MR: Around 300 people.

  6. Was it beneficial for the Council to present? MR: Yes. Representatives from eInvoicing standards bodies, governments, industry bodies, and businesses from all over the world were present. It is important to maintain and extend the momentum of reaching International interoperability for eInvoicing. So Australia’s presence as a committed participant in the global eInvoicing community was a very important sign that Australasia is now contributing in a practical way to the global digital economy.

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