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Australia will be represented at the Barcelona eInvoicing Exchange Summit

Thu, 01 Sep 2020

The Digital Business Council will be represented at the Barcelona eInvoicing Exchange Summit, taking place on 10 -11 October 2016.

Michael Ross Profile Picture Council member Michael Ross, Executive Director of MessageXchange, will be presenting on behalf of the Council. MessageXchange is Provisionally Accredited as an Access Point provider. You can find out more about that here.

Here, Michael discusses the upcoming summit and his thoughts on eInvoicing.

Q: You are attending the eInvoicing Exchange Summit on October 10 to 11, 2016 in Barcelona for the second year running. What do you hope to get out of this conference?


The Exchange Summit attracts participants from all over the World and is the most efficient way to understand the current status of eInvoicing globally.

Many countries have been implementing standards around eInvoices much longer than Australia, and we are in a great position to learn from their successes and avoid their pitfalls. The standardisation process for eInvoice has stimulated huge investments by software developers to support those standards and improve their service offerings in highly innovative and cost-effective ways.

The Barcelona Conference is a great way of seeing what can be achieved by improving the digital economy of nations by a partnership between Governments and Industry working to create new technologies and achieve greater efficiencies.

Q: You are presenting at the conference on the Digital Business Council’s Australian eInvoicing initiative. What will you be discussing?


Australia has moved very quickly from establishment of the Council in December to ratification of the eInvoicing Framework and Standards in July, and then onto an early adopters’ program.

The speed with which we have progressed is unheard of in other parts of the world. They are keen to know how we did it, what worked well and not so well, and what others can do to emulate Australia’s success so far.

Q: As an early adopter of eInvoicing in Australia, what do you see as the three critical reasons Australian business should adopt eInvoicing?


First, there are billions of dollars in savings to be had across the Australian economy, and the Australian Government procurement functions will be biggest beneficiaries.

Second, it will create more business and trading opportunities across all industries and all sectors in Australia: from large corporates to SMEs and micro-businesses.

Third, it will allow the half a million businesses in Australia that supply to Government at some level to trade more reliably and receive payment more quickly, because there will be fewer errors and manual interventions in the procure to pay cycle.

This benefit will also carry over to the private sector providing benefits for every business in the country.

Q: Did you have any challenges to overcome in going down the eInvoicing path?


There are always challenges! The biggest one with eInvoicing is communicating what it is (and isn’t), and how to adopt it. Most businesses intuitively understand why it’s a good thing; the issue is how to make it happen cheaply and easily.

The work of the Council is helping that considerably because now software providers can build their products to a common standard confident that there will be user-base for their product. This is good news for both the user and developer.

Michael will update us in the next few weeks on the outcome of the Summit.

Want to find out more about the eInvoicing Exchange Summit? Follow their website link here.