The Digital Capability Locator (DCL) is a central service for looking up the location of the Digital Capability Publisher for a Business (Buyer or Supplier).  The DCL’s lookup services are based on the DNS protocol which is the robust and scalable technology that underpins website addressing.The DCL supports the discovery of the DCP address for a business using a variety of business identifiers including:ABN – Australian Business NumberGLN – Global Location NumberDUNS – Dun and Bradstreet Number SystemHowever, it is anticipated that the ABN will be the most common identifier used in the Australian context.  Further details on use of Business Identifiers can be found in the Council’s Policy on use of business identifiers .If you are planning to provide an Access Point or a Digital Capability Publisher you will need to consume the services provided by the Digital Capability Locator.  Specifications for the DCL lookup and maintenance APIs are included in the DCL Implementation Guide